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Welcome to our online enquiry page. The enquiry form below allows us to fully assess your loan options. This is not a loan application to a bank or lender. It is simply an internal assessment of your borrowing capacity by Home Loan Advice Centre. Will will provide you with a complete loan report outlining your proposed options.



  1. Handy Hints – hover your mouse on underlined items in the left column below for handy hints. For example, hover over “Gross Salary” to see how to best  calculate your gross salary.
  2. Phone – phone numbers must be 10 digits ie include area code. At least one valid 10 digit phone number required.
  3. Responsible lending legislation requires you provide an estimate of your monthly living expenses below. Note high living expenses may adversely impact your loan capacity.
Applicant Details

Applicant one
First name
Last name
Mobile phone
Work phone

Home phone

Home postcode
Gross salary

Gross salary before tax
If you're on a salary, enter your current income per year before tax.

If you're self employed, enter your taxable income/ company profit from most recent tax return.

Work start date

Work Start Date
Date you started work with your current employer.

Industry Start Date

Industry Start Date
The date you started work in your industry (your industry experience).

Liabilities / month

Liabilities are current repayments made on loans, debts, or other debt obligations. For example

1. home loan repayments
2. car loan repayments
3. personal loan repayments
4. child maintenance payments

Don't include liabilities that won't continue after this proposed loan completes.

Credit card limits

Credit card limits
Enter the maximum limit your credit card(s) can be drawn to.

Monthly living expenses

Monthly living expenses
Estimate your ongoing monthly living expenses for your family (or for yourself for sole applicants)

Note high living expenses may impact your serviceability.

Marital status

Marital status
Choose from the drop down list.

Dependant children

Dependent children
The number of dependent children under the age of 18 in your care.

Date of birth

Applicant two

Loan Details
Property location

Property location
The general suburb, postcode, or area of the property.

Property description

Property description
Choose from the drop down list of descriptions.

Loan purpose

Loan purpose
Enter the loan purpose (owner occupied home or investment).

Or tick the purpose which is relevant for the majority of the loan.

Owner OccupiedInvestment

Loan type

Loan type
Enter New loan, or Refinancing if you want to refinance from another lender. Or Combination if both.

New loanRefinancingCombination


Deposit / equity available
The total cash you have (or will have) as a deposit (not including any First Home Owners Grant).

Or if you own property, enter the amount of equity you have.

ie a home worth $500,000 with a $200,000 loan has an equity of $300,000.

If you're a first home buyer, also tick the First Home Buyer check box below.

Cost of property

Cost of property*
Enter an estimate of the cost of the property you'd like to purchase. Or of the value of your property for refinances.

If unsure .... give us your best guess.

If you'd like us to work out what your maximum home buying capacity is, also tick the Find my maximum checkbox below.

Other First time buyer?Find my maximum?Construction Loan
Additional comments / queries

Additional comments/queries
Enter any further information you think relevant to your application.

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