Home Buyer Guide
  • An in-depth 35 page guide giving you full information on the whole property purchase process
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Free Home Buyer Guide !


"Want to know everything about organising loans and purchasing property from the beginning right up until settlement? ... ask for our 35 page Home Loan Advice Centre Home Buyer Guide!!". When you submit an online enquiry or a phone enquiry with us, we will assess your loan options and email an assessment to you. Included in our assessment email will be parts 1 and 2 of the Home Loan Advice Centre Home Buyer Guide.

Our FREE Home Buyer Guide is an absolute essential if your a first home buyer (and even if you're not) and the feedback received from our subscribers is overwhelmingly positive about the volume and quality of the information contained within it.

To subscribe, fill out our online enquiry form or call us on 02-9210-1000

See part 1 of our Home Buyer Guide

The Home Loan Advice Centre 5 part Home Buyer Guide is a 35 page in depth guide which includes information on the following ...


  1. Determining Your Options - loan & property options

  2. Arranging Pre-approval - the process to get an approval & what your approval means.

  3. Finding Your Property - methods property is purchased in Australia. Tips and advice to succeed at auction.

  4. Negotiation And Purchase - tips, advice & information. Finalising the purchase and receiving unconditional approval.

  5. From Purchase To Settlement - the settlement period