Past credit problems
  • Past loan defaults?, credit problems?, loan arrears?, late payments?, bankruptcy?. Speak to us to find out about your options...
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Past credit problems?

Have you had problems getting loans because of a previous missed payment, past debts you couldn't afford, bankruptcy, credit problems, or loan arrears. There are now ways to get yourself back on track with the various non-conforming loans available in the market.

The type of loan that may be available to you is dependant on the nature of your credit history. It may range from loans for people who simply have a few previously missed loan repayment to people who have undergone full bankruptcy. Your credit history will determine your eligibility, the % loan (loan to value ratio) you can receive, and also the interest rate available.

If you're in this group then it’s best to speak to us. We need to go over your situation in detail to see how you fit on the various lender’s credit scores before we can determine how much you can borrow and at what rates.

In order to work out your options accurately however, we need detailed information on your credit history. This includes

  1. dates and nature of past defaults
  2. whether defaults have been paid and if so dates of payments
  3. if any bankruptcy proceedings have taken place.

If your'e not sure if you have an adverse credit history or not, you can contact Baycorp to request a copy of your credit file. See Veda Advantage for details

In most situations, your credit history only remains on your file for 5 year from the last date of entry so it may be possible to arrange a normal loan once this period has elapsed. Also, some lenders are more flexible than others and may still be willing to provide you with standard finance given a reasonable explanation of the circumstances surrounding your credit history.



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So if you are looking to buy a home or investment property visit our 5 minute online enquiry page. We'll assess your loan options and send you a full report of your capacity. Also we'll include parts 1 and 2 of our eCourse ... an indepth guide to buying property in Australia. Click to see a sample.


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