Buyer's agents
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Buyer's agents


Anyone who's previously bought property knows getting a loan approval is only the first step in the long ordeal of buying a property. Frustrations of dealing with untrustworthy agents, getting unrealistic price estimates, lack of knowledge of "fair price",  and the hassle of finding the right place and managing to actually buy it, can be enough to tip anyone over the edge........ Well how about letting us take over the whole process for you!

Your benefit - Home Loan Advice Centre buyer's agents are qualified real estate agents who work for your benefit, rather than normal sales agents whose job it is to get the highest price for the seller. We work solely for you, and use our knowledge to help determine a "fair price" and our experience to negotiate a final cost as low as possible..

Experience and knowledge - Our buyer's agents are amongst the most experienced and highly qualified available. We have more than 40 years combined real estate experience and have chartered accountant, , financial adviser, and MBA qualifications giving you peace of mind to know we have the skills to find the right property, advise on tax and financial issues, and to understand the underlying factors that affect economic and price growth in the future.

Right property at the right price - All this combines to give us the experience and knowhow to help narrow down the search to properties that tick all the boxes and then negotiate strongly with the sales agent to secure the purchase for you.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can take the hassle out of finding the right property for you, please call us on 02-9210-1000. Please note our buyer's agents service is limited to certain areas of Sydney.

Our service includes ...

  1. Economic research - we assess the areas you are interested in buying in to determine their present and future infrastructure and how they rank against comparable suburbs.

  2. Finding candidate properties - from your Buyer's Brief we vet out inappropriate properties and present to you a managable list of the most suitable options. This saves you time and lets you focus on properties that will be right for what you're after. Our relationship with local sales agents also ensures quick access to any "silent listings" that may come onto the market. These are newly offered properties that have not yet been (and may not be) advertised to the market before purchase.

  3. Full price history reports - for any shortlisted properties, we provide you with full research data which provides curent price estimate and sale price history for that property*, suburb demographics, future growth forecasts, and recent comparable sales, to help you further evaluate if the property is right for you. Click for sample report.

  4. Negotiations with sales agents - the ability to "cut through the games" that sales agents play is perhaps the most valuable part of our service. Our many years of experience in the property and home loan market allows us to talk straight with sales agents, come to a quick agreement on a "fair price" for any property you're interested in, and negotiate a purchase that can both secure the purchase for you but also safeguard you if any further finance approval is yet to be obtained.

  5. Auction preparation - our service provides further assistance if your desired property is being sold via auction. This includes all processes to fully prepare you for purchase in this method. We may also be able to attend and bid at auction for you subject to certain further requirements. .


Please contact Home Loan Advice Centre on 02-9210-1000 if you'd like more information and to see our price schedule for our buyer's agent service.

* specific property price information is provided if available