Adviser Area

Bianka Demets
Christina Gaundar
Deborah Carter
Farnaz Houshmand
Graham Gardiner
Inara & Ted Hawley
Lawrence Flancbaum
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Triet Le
Wayne Skewes
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Adviser Area


Secure area of the Home Loan Advice Centre website for broker use.

Links on left take brokers to their own private page


Broker documents

Client Documents Description
Client question sheet HLAC Client Question Sheet
Client loan guide HLAC Client Loan Guide (brokers to provide to all clients)
- -
Broker Documents Description
HLAC-Broker Manual Broker Manual for internal HLAC processes
HLAC-Loan Info To be uploaded shortly
HLAC-Fax Header Fax header with logo
HLAC-Letterhead Letter head with logo
CRM Loan App template Loan application template for CRM
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Marketing Documents Description
Broker brochure HLAC Broker Brochure in full colour (right click and "save target as")
Brochure template - 2 line Template with 2 lines (for broker information) for Broker Brochure
Brochure template - 3 line Template with 3 lines (for broker information) for Broker Brochure
HLAC-Logo JPG version of HLAC logo
HLAC-Logo BIT version of HLAC logo (for use with Plan CRM)
HLAC-Logo EPS version of HLAC logo (print quality in Apple Mac format)


High Resolution Pictures - (right click and "save target as")
Note - pictures are 5MB or larger and will take time to download.